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Letter from the Master


It is once again an honor, to serve this wonderful Lodge as Worshipful Master. As I mentioned before, in a previous address to the Lodge, we have achieved successful things in this Lodge, over and over again. But I must caution everyone, we cannot stop or rest on our laurels. We have been blessed in not having a significant decline in overall membership over the past several years as other Lodges have experienced, but we have not grown in that membership and those active in the Lodge seem to fluctuate. This is something I intend to address this coming year as Master.

First, a new program of Masonic Etiquette will be implemented. We have hundreds of years of tradition that cannot be allowed to go away. Any institution with a history rich in tradition and brotherhood, such as ours, demands all of us to pay homage to that past and see to it's continuance or our craft will surely die.

Second, I'm asking all senior Lodge officers to participate in a mentorship of junior officers. Preparation for future years is a must, so that we can have a continuity of qualified officers. And to all Grand Lodge Officers that participate in our Lodge on a regular basis, I would ask that you also assist in this mentorship. We cannot move towards the future without qualified officers and the knowledge that past officers have learned.

Thirdly, I ask that all members participate when and where you can. Whether it be in attending meetings, assisting in open houses, acting as liaison to outside entities or appendant bodies, we need all of you! In return, we are striving to make meetings more interesting and worth your time. I propose that we move as much Lodge business to the first meeting of each month, and reserve time within the second meeting of each month, for a program. These programs will be a mixture of education, etiquette discussion, Masonic rules and regulations, Masonic history and perhaps just a discussion of why we are here.

Fourth, as we did in my previous year as Master, we will hold Open Houses/Prospect events to draw new members and act as a place of information for our neighbors in Aztec/Bloomfield. The Grand Lodge as requested that we participate in their statewide Open House on March 7th, which we will. We want as many members to attend, to be able to answer questions and inform the general public as to who and what we are as a Lodge and a fraternal craft. The evening prior to this event, we will hold a training session to help all of us know how to answer properly and create an atmosphere of brotherhood. Other events will be put forth in the coming month, as I issue a calendar of events for our Lodge. I welcome input to this calendar.

Masonic education is one item that many Masters have worked hard to push forth over the previous years. And I thank all those that have carried it forth and worked so diligently to build. Lets not let this fall to the wayside, but rather, I charge that ALL of us should participate in education, either by putting together/teaching a session ,or attending a session. Sessions will continue to be held prior to Lodge meetings, typically around 7pm.

Also this year Brethren, I won't continue the Sunday meals, as for many of us, we are involved deeply in church activities and I will not have any events to interfere with those. But we will have our traditional lunch or dinner events such as the Widows/Ladies Dinner, the Past Masters Dinner and a re-instatement of our summertime BBQ for all appendant bodies and Lodge families, but with one change. This year, we are inviting all heads of our local cities, county government, state agencies and business leaders to attend our BBQ. This is an excellent time to build stronger ties to our community and ensure better cooperation among us all in the future.

Brethren, we have a lot to do this coming year, I pray for divine guidance to keep us on the right course as "we take good men and make them better", spreading brotherly love, faith, hope and charity. Join me in this task, this grand and glorious road trip we are about to make.

And as taken from 2 Corinthians 13:11, "Finally Brethren, rejoice, be ye of one mind. Live in peace and may the God of love and peace, delight to bless and dwell with you."


Darryl Dunlap, WM